"Intuition is our heart based connection to our Inner Teacher"

"How can I help my children thrive and prosper?" I'm often asked. "How can I teach them to trust themselves so they won't become unhappy or frustrated like I've been? How can I protect them and give them the tools they need to be the best they can?"

"Kids learn from what we do," I tell my clients gently. If you want them to thrive as joyful and well-integrated beings, you must show them how. You need to create an environment in your home that honors their fullest flowering. You have to recognized that they; like you, are spiritual beings; and as such, they have a direct connection to loving Source of all wisdom. This link is experienced as a 'sixth sense', their intuition. You must develop and honor their inner knowing if you're to raise what I can fully empowered and happy children.

"Step-by-step". You must awaken in them sense of their soulful heritage; and provide an atmosphere of spiritual safety and support, and well being. You begin to do this first by creating that sacred within yourself. As a parent, you set the tone for their intuitive awakening. You're the source from which your children take their cues. A spiritually conscious and integrated dad or mom who has a strong connection to his or her inner guidance and well beings makes it possible for that same quality to come through.

Psychic means of the soul. Our souls are our connection to God. If we are directly linked to God, then of course we have access to information beyond our five senses. This is a wonderful gift that needs to be nurtured. These gifts can bring a wealth of information to your child, making the world a less confusing place.

Meditation is the most effective way to slow down and sharpen your awareness because it clears away the mental noise and distractions that prevents you from noticing what's important in the here and now. This practice helps you become more at ease, balanced, and present in the moment. Best of all, it stretches time and seems to give you more of it. Don't ask me how because I don't know, but I'm certain that it works. Try it and see for yourself! My rate is $99 an hour for on the phone Coaching, consultating. Email Consulting I charge $50. I also have a Daily Energetic Support clearing I do its a daily clearing for a month. $99. 303-995-9170.


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Einstein said "The human spirit is a sacred gift.
The rational mind. it's Faithful Service.
Sadly we have through away the gift and become enslaved to the Servant.
Are you using your Sacred Gift or Enslaved to Mental Chatter?

Did you know? that 80% of our issue are other peoples subtle energies in out space?
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80% of most of peoples pain, probelms and illiness are because of other peoples energies in your space. Feeling "Out of Sorts"? Having troubles sleeping? Experiencing unusual anxiety or depression? Experiencing low energy or just not feeling yourself? Are you a Sensitive Person or Empathic or just having troubles rising above the dominate Fear energy on the planet? Don't have time to come in get a Massage or Healing service? I realize that many of us Mom's too busy with kids, husbands, jobs to nurture ourselves properly. I created a service that you can benefit from daily while going along your busy day.Daily Energetic support. Its combining My Angels of Karma & Angelic Love and sending it to you from a distance once a day to help clear and restore you back to yourself. $99 for 30 days of DAILY Angelic Support sent to you. It a reoccurring monthly subscription.
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