Lynn Prilliman is an intuitive, massage therapist, reiki master teacher and angel therapist under Doreen Virtue with over 14 years of experience providing metaphysical help for clients.

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I believe that most peoples problems come from a disconnect from there hearts and spirits. Aside from being a Massage Therapist and a Healer I have been practicing psychic and spiritual teaching for over 14 years, I've spent most of my life helping people on a psychic level to realize that we're all spiritual beings endowed with six, not five senses, and, even more important, that we need that sixth sense, our psychic sense, to fulfill our life's purpose and be peaceful and happy. Through all my training and experience I have come to fully understand what I refer to as people's "throwaway" sense and how to call it back into our lives. Our psychic sense is not a physical sense like the other five, but is rather a spiritual sense connected to our soul body and centered in the heart. Just as our physical senses keep our body informed and directed, our psychic sense's primary function is to guide our soul's growth and keep us connected to our Creator, our spirit guides, and our angelic assistants, who guide us in our path and purpose.

As time moves on, and as the world becomes more complicated and confusing, my mission as a psychic, teacher and healer has become more urgent. I believe recognizing we have a psychic sense and giving it a proper place in our lives are no longer optional if we ever hope to live meaningful, secure, and balanced lives. We must stop questioning, or resisting our higher wisdom and accept the now scientifically supported reality that we are, indeed, far more conscious and capable on a soul level than we have been taught to believe, or have dared to express. We must learn to trust our vibes, the energetic vibrations rising out of our inborn psychic sense that pulse subtly through our awareness and guide us through our soul's journey in this life.

The good news is that we are all naturally designed to be psychic to some degree depending on the overall evolution and intention of our soul. Some, like me, are here to serve as guides and teachers to others as our soul mission. Others are psychic on a more personal level.

All of us are capable of being psychic when it comes to our mission, purpose, and protection. Without being connected to our inner guidance system we become lost and disoriented. This isn't the natural way to live, nor is it necessary to live like this. Once you learn to activate your psychic sense you can begin to eliminate all this confusion.

As a member of the human race, I feel it's urgent that people wake up their psychic sense because without it we are making no sense at all. We are hurting one another, killing in the name of God, drugging ourselves in epidemic proportions, and living in isolated states while the world is overcrowding at record levels.

Psychic awareness heals this because at its root it helps us see how we are all interconnected and interdependent, and therefore, "whatsoever we do to the least of our brothers that indeed we do to ourselves." Being psychic serves as a great deterrent to the downward spiral of personal and global self-destruction we find ourselves tangled in today. When we trust our feeling vibes we restore our balance and experience within. This ultimately leads to peace without.