Advanced Energy Healings, Distant Clearings, Reiki

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Why get a distant clearing? Distant clearings raises an individuals light vibration to Love or higher,
it helps boost ability manifest and attract good things into your life and also counterbalance other
people's lower vibrations. Image being in a sea of lower energy, everyday every where you go.
After time if you don't practice daily energy clearing it acculmulates. Cleared energy also feels
good and helps you feel lighter and happier. If you can imagine not washing your
face for a week, imagine how good washing it at last would feel. This is so with your nonphysical energy and
aura, as well. Unlike face washing, we have not been taught to clear our energy systems.
When you keep you energy cleared, you wash out old energies, other people energies,
even other peoples thought forms that are not serving you.

Energy Healing Services
Restore the magic, beauty and grace in yor life!

Energy Clearing on Hands 90 min $150
Feeling really STUCK? This energy healing clears blockages, cords, sabotaging energies
that you create or that are in your space from other people. Release and dissolve
all stress, anxiety, tension, worry, fears, self sabotage, addictions, cravings to addictive
substances, karmas, imbalances, weaknesses, illness and disease states.
Release and dissolve all dark, heavy, less-than-love, negative, dense, slow, stuck, blocked
and congested energies, frequencies, patterns, vibrations, beings, cords, hooks, implants,
devices, 3D matrix stuff; Dissolve all NON-YOU Energies as well as less-than-love, negative
and shadow energies from within; Heal their relationship with themselves, their body and
their money/personal finances;Like, love and accept themselves, others and
Spirit unconditionally; Live authentically with passion from their heart; Feel safe,
protected, loved and supported at all levels all the time; Experience the Peace of
GOD at very deep levels. At the end of the session we fill you in with a gold sun and energy blessing.

Blessing Ball of Light with the energy.
Unconditional Self Love, Joy, Health, Strength, Sucess, Wisdom, Abundance,
Self Worth, Confindence, Havingness, Motivation, Williness to change,
Angelic Energy. Pick three energies you want in your life.

Gold Suns
Feeling drained? Having troubles calling your energy back from relationships, your kids, you job or projects.
This will is a self energizing energy technique.

Distant Reiki $55
Reiki is an energy therapy used to reduce stress, feel calm and at peace yet more revitalized, sleep deeper.

Angelic Heart Star Reiki $55
This energy healing helps clear blocks of emotions in a gentlte way.

Akashic Reading, Healings, and Karmic clearings $85
Karma exsists on Earth in four basic categories: relationships, situations,
character traits, and dis-eases. All these appear in this life and in other incarnations.
Karmic release and healings are granted as grace or dispensation. This means that
recognizing that something in your life isn't working and needs healing. Some aura
damage is also karmic or creational. You may want to clear karma around releasing
any past life vows of poverty or maybe its a pattern of abuse in relationships.
Healing your ability to recieve or may a karmic serverance from a abuser.
Get your karma cleared and heal everything that is wrong in your life.


Disclaimer: (legal blurb) Spiritual reading and healing sessions are not promised or intended to replace
medical, psychological, or any other treatment where appropriate. By purchasing reading
or healing services the client agrees they are responsible for their own wellness,
health and any decisions thereof. Services are considered informational only and do not imply guarantee.
We reserve right to refuse client services to anyone.

Sessions may be paid for by credit card via Paypal, check, or cash.

After paying for a session, send me an email for all Distant Healings. I need the person full birthname I am doing the healing on.
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