Teaching kids "Intuition
is our Heart based connection
to our Inner Teacher"

Healing Touch for Kids

All Services are Divine Heart Based
Highly Sensitive Kids, Empaths, Indigo, Crystal, Star Kids

Children Healings Daily energetic support $99 per month

Did you know? that 80% of our issue are other peoples energies in our space? These kids that are highly spiritual sensitive children that get out of balance easily because of the toxic environment we live in. They kids are often invalidated by school because of the antiquated systems that are still in place. There gifts are often misunderstood and invaildated so they try to blend in with others. This often cause them a lot of frustration and and over time they become depressed. As a Reiki Master I send energetic support at least twice a day to clear all less then love energies, reconnect there grounding, rebalancing chakras and release energetic weaknesses, imbalances, illness and disease states. Cutting energetic cords, hooks and ties to other people. Balancing all the meridian flows. Creating angelic shields, filters for protection.

$99 Subscription


Children Heart Based Healings (on hands Healings $65 per hour)

These kids that are highly spiritual sensitive children that get out of balance easily because of the toxic environment we live in. Most of their wounds are a spiritual wound, a feeling of disconnect from their inner guidance. These empathic kids also have a tendency to absorb other people's negative energies. They often will not act themselves and even depressed. I can quickly reground them, clear them of these negative energies and connect them back to the original state. Coaching services to help them get in touch with their unique Spiritual Gifts. I also do phone sessions.

Divine Cheerleading Services For Sensitive Kids (Phone Sessions or in person $75)

Get a reading and learn tools to help support to help your sensitive child. Your deeply sensitive souls understand one another in a way that others can't possibly. We are extremely sensitive to all physical stimuli (all senses highly enhanced, including our sixth sense) hence empaths are often telepathic and psychic. Clairsentience (empathy) is a powerful gift that can not be turned off so easily.... being this highly attuned to energy we can be bombarded at times. We need quiet and crave solitude often. We naturally read souls and emotions and the atmosphere of a place, whether intensionally or not. We are extremely affectionate, feeling our own emotions and that of others. Get help understanding your childs psychic gifts. Support and tools help you intergrate these gifts with everyday life.

Massage for Special Needs Children $65 per 1 hour

Do you have a special needs child? Children with disabilities often experience muscular problems which can lead to lack of sleep among other issues. An effective program of massage can help provide parents and children alike with a good night's sleep. Touch is a wonderful way to communicate caring. Massage is beneficial in helping to control aggressive and obstinate behaviors by providing relaxation. As a parent of a child with special needs, I bring my full personal experience and understanding into each session. Often time's children with special needs do not want anyone to touch them. No child is ever forced to accept touch. The massage sessions are set up in such a way as to facilitate the child's trust. Sessions may take place at the child's home or in my office. Incorporating aromatherapy into each session may increase the relaxation the child will experience. Most children find a scent that pleases them and provides them with a good feeling. The child may take a sample of their favorite scent home with them to enjoy.

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