Releasing blocks in your emotional body is the pathway
to your heart, spirit, intuition and manifesting ability.
Feeling your heart lightening and expanding.
Allowing yourself to FEEL your feelings.
More Spirit is engage with your body the more
"Manifesting Power" you have.

Services I offer to help support your manifesting abilities!

Divine Cheerleading Services $75 per hour
Coaching, energy checks and healings to support your manifesting abilities!

Healings around Money and Manifesting $125 per hour
Clearing less than love energies, frequencies and vibrations from you personal finances, money, bank acounts, financial assets and liabilites.
Clearing blocks to becoming abundant, prosperous and successful
Total energy clearing, grounding cord clearing and anchoring.
Clearing, healing realigning your manifesting charkras, charkra complexes
Complete clearing on your Emotional and Astral bodies.
Clearing any cords or hooks in your Hara line.
You Hara line is your power of Creation. Many times
people have other people's energy hooks that is block them.
Reconnecting you to your heart, spirit, intuition and manifesting power!

Distant energetic support weekly for YOU or your loved ones.
Need extra help manifesting something? Sometimes we get
stuck with stale energy. Sometime is coming from friends, family our work envorinment. Sometime we become energectic sponges in our busy day and we absorb other peoples negative energies that ultimately if we don't continuely clear be come stuck in our field
Because of these stuck energies no matter what we can't seem to manifest anything.
I can support you by continously clear stagnent, congested and unclear energies from you. Less than love energies, frequencies and vibrations from your job, place of employment and the company you work for. Clear heal less then love energies, frequencies, vibrations programs, patterns, influences, beings, cords, hooks and implants from you consciouness and energy fields. I can help you clear these energies on a continual basis to get you back in the "Flow" so you can manifest and grow.

Get continous energetic support 1 week $35, 2 weeks $55, 3 weeks $75, 4 weeks $99
Subscribe Monthly $99 for continuous support around manifesting.

1 week Clearing Service

2 week Clearing Service

3 week clearing service

4 weeks of clearing

$99 monthly clearing subscripton

Restore the Magic Beauty and Grace that is rightfully yours!
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Law of Attraction Not Working for you???
The Key to Manifesting, Abundance, Creativity & Success

The Main Tenets of the Law of Attraction:
Your thoughts and feelings magnetize situations, objects, and people to you
Positivity breeds positivity, negativity attracts negativity
By raising your vibrational frequency, you attract things more quickly to yourself.
Your underlying, unconscious feelings and programming can influence your manifestations.

If you are asking these questions:

Why am I having to wait so long for my wish to be granted?
Why am I encountering these obstacles in my life?
Why doesn't the law of attraction work for me all of the time?

There can be many reasons why it may not be working for you.

Your spirit/body connection needs to be in alignment
Your spirit needs to be anchored into your body, Are you grounded?
You always have trouble grounding? Your grounding cord could be in need of repair
Your need to be running your own energy, Is someone close grounding through YOU?
A disconnect from your spirit energy and grounding due to taking drugs, prescription medication, alcohol. All these things make your spirit leave your body and create you chakras spinning backward. You must release your resistance
You may need to forgive yourself and have more patience. Need karma clearing?
Your fears may be blocking you
Your past intentions may be interfering with your present ones, Did you make a past life Vow?
Your expectations may be too grounded in fantasy
Your neediness may be creating an energy field you can't rise above.
Do you have a glass ceiling on the amount you can make?
Your inability to let go might be the culprit.
You may be trying to manifest something you are not ready for
Your ability to manifest may be severely impacted when in relationship
with others with conflicting goals(e.g. within your marriage) or within an entire society
Someones' energy may be interfering with your own
You may be waiting for permission or approval from others
You may be trying to create from a couple, with someone who is not where you are at.
Your need for approval may be getting in your way

Coaching services, clearing, healing ground cords, energy checks and healing around manifesting. 303-995-9170

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