Reality Check: Intuitive Awareness Quiz

On a seperate sheet of paper, take the following quiz to see where you are in relationship to you sixth sense today and to look at whether or not you or your family members are interfering with each other's intuitive growth. For each questions, answer Rarely, Sometimes, or Never. 1. I'm aware of how my children and I feel around certain people.

2. I trust my first impressions about indivduals and situation.

3. I easily notice my intuitive feelings.

4. I speak openly and comfortably.

5. I follow my instincts no matter what my family members think.

6. The atttitudes of my loved ones are greatly affect how much I trust my intuition.

7. I can change my mind and decisions easily if I get a gut feelin to do so, even if it will upset.

8. I can sense when people are trouble, especially my kids and other relatives.

9. There are lots of coincidences in my life, particularly concerning my family.

10. My partner and children respect my intuition, and I honor and listen to theirs.

11. I go with my hunches even if I receive conflicting advice.

12. I can stand up to oppsoing energy, for either myself or my kids.

13. I look to my inner guidance first and last when making decisions, and encourage my children to do the same.

14. I make no attempt to hide my intuitive feelings, especially in my home or with my spouse, partner, or parents.

When you've completed the quiz, go back and lok at your answers. Give yourself.

1. point for each Never
2. points for each Rarely
3. points for each Sometimes

If your score was 1-15
Apparently you weren't taught to listen to or value your sixth sense as a child, so it's no surprise that you hesitate to do so today. Perhaps you've attracted a partner who does value intuition, although this may make you nervous or feel threatening at times. Don't worry - internal compass is simply lying dormant, waiting to be activated and put to good use. You'll begin to relax and embrace it as you pratice using the tools in the following chapters.

If your score was 16-30
You were probably made aware of intuition when you were young, but most likely lived in an environment that was ambivalent or opposed it. Perhaps you're experiencing a polarized dynamic with your partner or family members, flipflopping daily between confidence and doubt. Be encouraged by the fact that simply being aware of your vibes goes a long way toward strengthening them. As you avoid conflicts with your spouse and use good humor and a respectful approach, you entire family will soon delight in the wonderful benefits of inner awareness.

If your score was 30-42
You are undoubledly one of those people who was gifted with relatives who nutured your sixth sense, and you're probably well on your way to passing this blessing on to your children. Celebrate this treasure as you expand even more in sharing your inner wisdom and vision with your family.