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When the soul and mind are addressed, as well as the physical, results are better and longer lasting; subtle, yet powerful changes inside result in dramatic changes on the outside. Melt stress, Relax, Sleep Better, Look better, Become more Intuitive, and Meditate with no effort.
Soundless Subliminal Cd's, Past Life Regression Meditation Cd's!,
Hypnotic Cd's by Stephen Petullo

Life changing products

Comprehensive Handwriting Analysis, Numerology,
and Astrology by Scott Petullo

What Scott can discern with his unique and advanced form of predictive numerology and astrology.

The following is a partial summary of the areas and situations with which he works.

SCOTT CAN DETERMINE WHEN you will fall deeply in love; you will have a change of heart; you'll have a challenging time in your love life- specifically at what age (if single) you'll have a tough time attracting a suitable partner and (if married) at what time you'll encounter tough lessons within your relationship; you'll be rewarded in your love life, (if single) having attractive options to choose from and (if married) having smooth sailing; you will attract romance; your sex drive will be high or low; you're most likely to have children or adopt; you'll feel like socializing; you'll feel like being a hermit; you'll feel invisible in the world;

I personally had a reading with Scott and I was amazed at how accurate his reading was!

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