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Why The Past Is Affecting Your Present and How To Fix It
by Stephen Petullo with Scott A. Petullo.


Whether you're a metaphysics expert or novice,
you can be your own love life guru with
Your Love Life and Reincarnation:

You'll learn:

Why well be together again with loved ones weve lost.

How past lives influence our present lives, even for those who don't
believe in reincarnation.

Why spiritual concepts such as reincarnation and karma are
feared/ridiculed by so many.

How to avoid unhappy relationship endings.

The difference between soul mates and twin souls and how there
are many soul mates for each of us.

A spiritual way to overcome sexual abuse.

The spiritual/root reasons for commitment, intimacy,
and abandonment fears.

The spiritual/root reasons why some people attract abusive partners.

Why there is no such thing as a victim.

How to determine if its love or lust at first site.

What is really often behind stranger obsession.

How to identify and release blocks from the past.

Why forgiveness is for you and not them and why it's essential for
your love life success.