Books on Relationships
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Prince Charming Lives! $12.95

Dr. Phyllis Light and her book can help you in ALL of your relationships.

Specifically, the book will teach you to:

Remove obstacles that keep Prince (or Princess) Charming hidden from view

Open your heart to more love

Create healthy, loving, supportive relationships

Release your subconscious blocks to greater intimacy

Determine your compatibility with current or potential partners

Transform troubled relationships into harmonious ones

Let go of relationships that no longer serve you.

Love Now! Here's How $16.95

This book will give you the understanding you seek as to why your
relationships have not worked out the way you wanted and help you
create healthy, loving relationships based on mutual support,
intimacy and trust. Love Now, Here's How can help you realize your
relationship dreams and satisfy the deepest longings of your heart.

In this potent and informative guide, you will learn to:

Trust the love that flows through you and express it more freely and spontaneously to those around you.

Penetrate the subconsious mind to discover the real causes of your relationship difficulties.

Use intuitive skills to determine which particular subconscious patterns are yours.

Apply a new technology to your affirmations that can help you heal your patterns at their roots.

Heal your relationship with your parents in a deeper way than
ever before, creating greater love and harmony in your current

Basic Truths About the Nature of Life
Great Gift Idea 36% off $24.95

This 40-page, full-color, hand-sewn book leads a person
from A-Z in their understanding of the metaphysical principles
that underlie the true nature of life.

It is beautiful and uplifting, with its numerous full-page,
breathtaking color photographs. The book is designed to help
people expand and acquire a deeper understanding and meaning
to life. A special healing energy is contained within the
book that helps the reader easily let go of any resistance
or blocks to more deeply integrating the information presented.

"Basic Truths" makes an excellent gift for someone already
metaphysically oriented or even someone who is in the process
of "waking up" for whom this information may be new.