All my Services are Divine Heart Based
Learn how to reconnect to Your Heart and Spirit
Awaken to Your True Spiritual Identity All Healing is Love Based, Heart Centered.
I don't recommend using your mind to manipulate energy.
I teach you to Go within. Your Spirit resides in your Heart Center.
This is your own Spirit connection. All Clearings and Healings
performed by Me are assisting you in connecting
to this amazing Source within you.


Benefits from Massage with Healing with Reading call for prices
Get a reading during a massage to get back in balance or tune in to loves ones from the other side. Get a vaidation from spirit.
Why we get out of balance? Illiness in the body is caused by an imbalance of energy or blocking of the energy flow. In other words, a lack of flow in the human energy system eventually leads to pain and disease. It also distorts our perceptions and dampens our feelings and interfers with a smooth experience in life. We are like sponges in the energy sea around us. We exchange energy with everyone we come in contact with. We are exposed to negativity everywhere and it accumulates in our energy field. During your treatment I use highly effective energetic techniques to release these energies. Not only will you have less tension and pain in your body. Releasing these energies can give you a renewed sense of vitality.Take control of your life, restore the magic, beauty, and grace that is rightfully yours.

Benefits from Chakra Clearing 75 min. $65

Feeling a little 'out of sorts', Experiencing low energy or unusual emotions. Feeling tired like you carrying somone elses baggage around. Lost your zest for life. Thinking too much. Can't sleep. Come in for a energy check and get cleared. Get grounded. Feel at peace yet energized! Look and feel younger! An energetic clearing and balancing of the chakras can help you feel more like yourself in no time at all!

Reconnection Healing ($75 per Session I recommend doing 3 sessions)

A feeling of being strongly "grounded" and present in the physical world. Intuitive abilities are greatly expanded and enhanced. Clarity on your life path & purpose. A feeling of finally "getting on track", or having more clarity on your life path and purpose. Life is "just easier". No matter what is happening, things are more calm, peaceful, and easier to manage. Persistent challenges of the past are gone, or greatly reduced. These frequencies provide an experience that differs from anything previously encountered and continuously baffle the medical community. People who receive healings report seeing, hearing angels, and experiencing miraculous healings of cancer, AIDS-related disease and other serious afflictions. Some other benefits you may experience wrinkles will fade, more hair growth, intuition & perception increases, hear and see more clearly, weight stabilizes, skin will tighten, nails grow faster, experience your "aging gene" replaced with a "forever young" gene. Reconnective Healing facilitates rapid, permanent change that continues to work for you as appropriate for the rest of your life.

Divine Cheerleading Services (Phone Sessions $75 per hour)

Learn how to create, keep and use your energetic space to create the life you truly want to live. You will learn how to: Use grounding cord, and find out why this is equivalent to the first nine of the top ten tools needed to thrive Run earth and cosmic energy, experimenting with various colors and their effect on your energy Create your aura bubble and set protection roses Release energy from your space you no longer need/want Fill your space with what you do need and want (instead of whatever is passing by) Keep others from occupying your energy space Move others out of your energy space and call back your own energy from others so you can use it Meet your Healing Guides and Angels with whom you will do aura and chakra energy healings.

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