Massage Caring for ourselves totally.

Each one of us is a multi-faceted being: physical, mental,
emotional, and spiritual. Awareness of who we are in all these
dimensions helps us achieve the wholeness of an integrated person.
Caring for ourselves totally, including the body, allows for
healthier and deeper relationships with ourselves and others.
Massage simply means to touch, handle, or press softly. Swedish
Massage is the manual manipulation of soft body tissue through
strokes, kneading, pressing, and tapping for therapeutic
purposes. Massage can be a way of assisting the body to heal
itself from results of physical or emotional stress. A
massage will help you to arrive at a balance of body-mind-soul.

Physical Benefits:
Activate body's natural healing process
Increase blood flow
Balance stressed areas in muscles
Open energy flow
Improve flexibility in joints and muscles
Encourage sound sleep
Promote relaxation
Provide pain relief from fatigue, exertion and headaches

Spiritual Benefits:
Enhance spiritual development
Lead a person into accepting and forgiving self or others
Assist during a time of discernment
Open the person to a deeper awareness of a Higher Power

Emotional Benefits:
Contribute to a calm mind and spirit
Quiet the mind and reduce confusion
Nurture self-esteem
Reduce stress, anxiety and worry