Here Is Kevin's Astrological Reading! by
Scott Petullo Certified Master Graphologist, Numerologist, Astrologer 303.355.3805

Kevin Michael Costner, Born 1/18/1955. I don't have his birth time and birth place, so this is a general overview analysis. Also, I've never seen a sample of his handwriting. Please keep in mind that, although I've enjoyed some of his films, I'm mostly unfamiliar with him and his life and that all the below information is derived only from his basic numerology and astrology charts. I did check his official web site after an internet search to see if it has any info. about his fiancÚ. A key purpose in Kevin's life is to experience and deal with international recognition. He's of a deep universal outlook, yet he excels through a pragmatic, hard working, fundamental approach. He's also got a lot of emotional power. Before age 24 he was forced to cope with excessive feelings of isolation and limited (compared to his later years) romantic possibilities. After he reached age 25/1980, he started coming into the more rewarding career timing, but it really didn't begin in a big way until age 30. He went through his share of career struggles age 25 to 30, with ages 25 and 26 being an important, but tough transition. By Age 32/1987 he was well on his way to destined far-reaching recognition. Age 34/1989 through age 42/1997 was when he was fated to experience tremendous fame and career success. Between age 43/1998 and 52/2007 he's enjoying life more, having more fun, and attracting younger lovers. Some of his more important long-term time cycles dictate that he'll always be attracting younger lovers after age 42, but the difference between the span of time between age 43 through 51, and after age 51 is that age 52/2007 and beyond his love life will include far more longevity and permanence. I understand that he met his current fiancÚ around age 44/1999 and that they were engaged in 2003. To be candid, this is one of those love connections that, despite appearances, won't endure. Furthermore, it will be a difficult separation for Kevin and it will also unfortunately cost him in more than one way. While Kevin was destined to acquire a lot of money throughout his time here on earth, another theme in his life is to learn to unconditionally let go of money and material things. Big money in, big money out. 2006 could be especially emotionally demanding for Kevin, and I suspect that his current relationship has been, and will be, fading fast by the start of 2007. Age 52/2007 is when he makes progress in getting over the breakup (even if it's only emotional and not an actual physical separation). Age 52/2007, 53/2008, and 54/2009 it's highly probable that he will meet one or more extremely compatible lovers and it's from that point on (age 52) that he has much more stable love timing. He's very busy with work age 53/2008 to 58/2013, and then he must endure a period of career struggle age 66/2021 through 69/2024. His money acquisition looks excellent from 70 to 78, but there are excessive personal challenges to deal with in his 70s. Exuding charm and compassion (remember, I'm only going on what I see in the charts), Kevin Costner is the type of person that gets better with age. _____ In Light, Scott ********** <