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My Thoughts about the critics review on "The Postman".......

I loved The Postman and don't understand all the unfair reviews it got. It definately didn't deserve a zero. The criticism it got was not constructive and just down right hurtful. Had it not been for the critics bad reviews alot more people would of seen it.

I think the movies should be reviewed 2 weeks after they open and let people make up there own minds...besides how often do we agree with the critics anyway?

If you also like "The Postman please e-mail me (prill@ecentral.com) I would like to post other peoples postive reviews here.

Reviews on The Postman

The Postman represents idealism. Kevin Costner's character is only a messenger spreading unity among people who have been divided and oppressed by another, General Bethlehem (played by Will Patton). The character Bethlehem is a culmination of many angry, domineering individuals rolled into one. Bethlehem has isolated people so that they have no contact with anyone outside of their own township. By this act of isolation, he is able to command and rule them. The Postman brings, through the simple delivery of the mail, unity and a coming together of everyone all over the United States. The Postman himself isn't one person, alone. He represents beliefs...beliefs in good and mankind. The underlying message told through this film: United we stand, divided we fall. This film is not a direct representation of the future, but it reflects what could happen if people, as a whole, allow hatred to divide them. This film also asks the audience a strong question, "What is patriotism?.....Review by Bonnie Lyvers

I love The Postman and so did my 11-year old nephew. I thought it was a little slow, but I enjoyed it!! I especially love the love scene... He looked so good!!! He reminds me of my husband (who kinda looks like Kevin, not as good-looking, but good enough for me!)......Christine

Just wanted to let you know how much I liked The Postman too!! it was an excellent movie. In fact I liked it as much as Robin Hood. and thats saying alot!!....Susie Richman

Don't know if this is still relevant, but anyway. I am halfway through watching the Kevin Costner film "The Postman" and have to say that my wife and myself are loving it. It is sad and funny with drama, action and every other emotion thrown in for good measure. We feel that once the head critic decides he/she doesn't like a particular film, all of the hangers on decide the same thing to stay on the side of him/her. We also saw "There's something about Mary" which the critcs loved. We thought it was the most tasteless film of the decade. That is our opinion........Kim 'n' Dave Partridge Australia