The heart energy is the divine feminine within, the goddess aspect of source feminine universal flow that exists within all and is fully actualized within awakened beings who stand in the balance. Those who understand the feminine heart energy are able to bring forward the white light of unconditional love to heal others and step into the flow of abundance.

Focus in the center of your Heart
Feel the Unconditional Love in Your Heart.
Step into the Flow

I affirm that the unstoppable flow of the river of life sets me free to manifest the abundant life.

I affirm that I am sealed in the perpetual figure eight flow of the Holy Spirit.

I love the Holy Spirit and vow to be here below, all that I am above and more!

I vow to multiply my talents and Be more in every situation.

I declare my oneness with my I am presence, and I vow to transcend all limitations go I can remain in the flow of the river of life.

I affirm that I am more in the River of Life, now and forever.

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