"Intuition is our heart based connection to our Inner Teacher"

I live in a peaceful sunny home in Westminster, Colorado with my family and a steady stream of clients who come see me in my role as an intuitive guide and counselor. Everyday I sit in my healing room I listen to people ask about their deepest dreams and desires. Often I feel that the room is crowded with far more than the presence of my client and me - entire families are related to the well being and happiness of those they love.

"How can I help my children thrive and prosper?" I'm often asked. "How can I teach them to trust themselves so they won't become unhappy or frustrated like I've been? How can I protect them and give them the tools they need to be the best they can?"

"Kids learn from what we do," I tell my clients gently. If you want them to thrive as joyful and well-integrated beings, you must show them how. You need to create an environment in your home that honors their fullest flowering. You have to recognized that they; like you, are spiritual beings; and as such, they have a direct connection to loving Source of all wisdom. This link is experienced as a 'sixth sense', their intuition. You must develop and honor their inner knowing if you're to raise what I can fully empowered and happy children.

"Step-by-step". You must awaken in them sense of their soulful heritage; and provide an atmosphere of spiritual safety and support, and well being. You begin to do this first by creating that sacred within yourself. As a parent, you set the tone for their intuitive awakening. You're the source from which your children take their cues. A spiritually conscious and integrated dad or mom who has a strong connection to his or her inner guidance and well beings makes it possible for that same quality to come through.

Psychic means of the soul. Our souls are our connection to God. If we are directly linked to God, then of course we have access to information beyond our five senses. This is a wonderful gift that needs to be nurtured. These gifts can bring a wealth of information to your child, making the world a less confusing place.


Perhaps you already know you have an intuitive child.
Perhaps you already know that you are intuitive yourself.
Perhaps you have never considered the possibility.
Think about the following:

Is your child/are you able to "sense" how other people are feeling?

Does your child/do, did you have a spirit friend, pet or guide?

Has your child/have you ever mentioned that something was going to happen before it actually did?

Does your child/do you have vivid dreams that sometimes come true?

Does your child/do you talk about lights or colors around people?

Does your child/do you sometimes seem to know what others are going to say before they say it?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, your child
or you!) has demonstrated spiritual abilities.
If your child has spoken of these abilities to you,
this would be a good activity for you to do together.