Friday 11/09/2001 8:30:24pm
Name: Kevin Costner
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Comments: I've never looked at one of my web pages. The idea of a shrine... caught my intrest. I was a little fearful knowing that people can be more than rough, espically when they're armed with bad information. I was pleased at the tone of what you write and how the people in your guest book respond. It makes me think that I should do one myself and a lot of questions that go unanswered would have a true voice, espically where the Dunbar is concerned. There is really a beautiful story behind what it is and what it wants to be. I've always been saddened by the misinformation and the people behind it. I was raised to never blame and never explain when I know the truth, but it seems now like I owe it to the people, like the one's in your guest book who write for the most part, so kindly. Wrote longer than I thought. See ya at the movies.... with respect, Kev

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