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5/1/2006 Kevin participated in The BMW Charity Pro-Am... at The Cliffs is the only tournament on the Nationwide Tour where amateurs and celebrities are grouped with Nationwide Tour professionals in a three-day better-ball competition. Amateurs, celebrities and pros rotate between each of the three courses on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with the 14 lowest scoring pro-amateur/pro-celebrity teams advancing to play Sunday's final round at The Cliffs Valley course. Celebrities play once at each course on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The professional winner of the overall 72-hole event takes home $112,500 from the total purse of $625,000, which is one of the largest purses on the Nationwide Tour. Amateurs and celebrities compete for individual prizes and cash donations to the charity of their choice out of the beneficiaries selected by South Carolina Charities, Inc. The first five tournaments have raised more than $3 million for area charities. The amount raised from this year's tournament will be announced in the coming weeks. Celebrities that participated in this year's tournament included: Kevin Costner, John Elway, Catherine Bell, Dhani Jones, Wayne and Janet Gretzky, Brett Hull, Javier Colon, Cheech Marin, John and Lisa O'Hurley, George Rogers, Ben Wright, Jennifer Mills, Pat Green, long-drive champion Sean "The Beast" Fister, and actor and Spartanburg native Fred Griffith. Famed international golfer and Grand Slam winner Gary Player also participated. The 29 charities that benefited from the golf tournament were: A Child's Haven, Inc.; Blue Ridge Literacy Council; Bon Secours St. Francis Health System Foundation, Inc.; Boy Scouts of America; Compass of Carolina; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Foothills Family Resources; Hands on Greenville; Hidden Treasure; Mountain Area Child and Family Center; National Christian College Athletic Association; North Greenville University; North Greenville Food Crisis Ministry; Partners for a Healthy Community, Inc.; Phillis Wheatley Association; Pickens County Sheriff's Scholarship Foundation; Pickens County YMCA; Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas; St. Joseph's School; The Charles Lea Center; The Eblen Charities; The First Tee; The Walker Foundation; United Ministries; Young Life; Zest Quest.

Swank and Costner to Narrate 9/11 Film 15-Jul-2005 Written by: Melody Nazarian The actors will tell the story of the pain and tragedy of that horrendous day in America Hilary Swank and Kevin Costner will be lending their famous voices for an upcoming film about the September 11th terrorist attacks. “On Native Soil: The Documentary of the 9/11 Commission Report” will tell five stories of survival and examine the 9/11 Commission’s final recommendations. Interviews with victims’ families, Senator John McCain, and the former head of CIA’s Osama bin-Laden desk will be featured in the feature-length film. What makes Swank and Costner’s voices more worthy of the voice-overs? Both actors felt a connection with the film, but Swank was in the city during the attacks. “I was in lower Manhattan that horrible day” when the World Trade Center collapsed, Swank said in a statement Friday. “I was drawn to the project by the amazing stories of the 9/11 families and survivors featured in the film, and I am proud that by contributing my voice to the project, I can help their voices to be heard.”
Feb 21st, 2002.....I apologize to all you Fans for not updating this website sooner. I been a little busy with the realities of life. If anybody noticed Kevin signing my Guestbook back in November 9, 2001. Gee it only took 3 or 4 years. I just noticed! I have been sleeping at the helm here. But I'm back and as you can see Kevin has a New MOVIE that I'm definately going to see it tommorrow. If you sign my Guestbook Please sign it with a loving heart.... I love you all! Lynn

Oct 10th 1999..... Courtesy of Yahoo news: HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kevin Costner are in final negotiations to star in ``Beyond Borders,'' a love story to be directed by Oliver Stone. The Mandalay Pictures project concerned an American doctor (Costner) and a British relief worker (Zeta-Jones), and is set against the backdrop of U.N. relief efforts around the world. Welsh native Zeta-Jones first gained worldwide attention starring opposite Antonio Banderas in Sony's 1998 picture ``The Mask of Zorro.'' She recently starred opposite Sean Connery in ''Entrapment'' and was part of the ensemble in DreamWorks' ``The Haunting.'' Since then, she has been fielding offers, but has only lent her services for a cameo role in Stephen Frears' upcoming comedy ``High Fidelity'' from Disney. ``Beyond Borders'' will mark a reteaming of Costner and Stone, who worked together on the 1991 biopic ``JFK.'' Costner, who stars in Universal's current ``For Love of the Game,'' is also attached to star in the Cold War drama ``13 Days,'' now set up at New Line. Stone soon delivers his latest social study, the professional football drama ``Any Given Sunday,'' which Warner Bros. is slated to release Dec. 25.

October 8th, 1999.....HoLLYWOOD (Variety) - Kevin Costner segues from appearing with the Kennedys -- JFK and Bobby -- in "13 Days,'' a retelling of the Cuban Missile Crisis, to appear for Ethel Kennedy, Oct. 15 and 16. Costner gets two days off from the film to play in Ethel Kennedy's 10th annual Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Golf Tourney in Hyannis Port. It supports the Memorial's inner city and human rights projects, the legacy of RFK's life and work. Two years ago, Ethel K. escorted Costner on a tour of the JFK library in Boston. He has since met with other Kennedy family members including Joe Jr. Coca-Cola and Nike sponsor the tourney, which raised $500,000 last year. In "13 Days,'' Costner plays Kenny O'Donnell who was a classmate of Bobby's at Harvard and became an aide to JFK -- he was plugged into everything transpiring during the Cuban crisis. Costner plays "everyman'' who sees what is happening -- and who knows how close we came to a nuclear war. Although we know the outcome, the picture promises to be a nail-biter. JFK is played by Bruce Greenwood ("Double Jeopardy'') and Steven Culp (Robert's son) plays Bobby Kennedy. Celeb golfers also attending include Alec Baldwin, Bill Murray, Frank Gifford, Peter Gallagher, Bill Russell and Rafer Johnson. And among other Kennedys to be there, RFK Jr. and daughter Rory whose documentary, "American Hollow'' airs on HBO next month.

Sept 27 1999....From Daily Variety...Steven Culp (CBS' "Jag") and Tim Kelleher ("The Negotiator") have joined the Beacon/Universal pic "Thirteen Days," starring Kevin Costner. Culp, who has extensive TV credits, will next appear in Neil LaBute's "Nurse Betty," starring Renee Zellweger. He is repped by Suzanne Bennett of the Paul Kohner Agency and manager Miriam Milgrom. He is repped by manager Jamie M. Gold of Incognito Management.

September 5th, 1999...On September 7th OPRAH'S Season Premiere is With Kevin Costner(PG)... The Oprah Winfrey Show kicks off its fourteenth season with a visit from Hollywood heartthrob Kevin Costner! Costner joins Oprah to give us a look at his latest movie, For Love of the Game, a romantic drama about the professional and personal passions of a major league baseball player. He shares his own love of the game by giving Oprah a pitching lesson. Then, you'll hear from actress Kelly Preston who tells us what it was like to kiss her handsome co-star! Plus, in a rare interview, Costner's mom and dad talk about their son.

September 4th.....Costner's Austin premiere.... Meanwhile, Austin bagged the Texas premiere of Kevin Costner's latest baseball biggie: "For Love of the Game." Costner and other celebs will be on hand at the splashy Sept. 16 event, which will benefit the University of Texas baseball program and celebrate UT's head coach, Augie Garrido. Garrido, who became friends with Costner in 1992, when Garrido was still coaching at California State University-Fullerton, served as the baseball technical adviser on "For Love of the Game." The movie, which has been described as a love story first, a baseball movie second, is said to take a provocative look at the professional and personal life of Billy Chapel (Costner). Chapel is forced to re-examine his priorities when he's confronted with unexpected circumstances: He's being traded after 20 years with the Detroit Tigers and the love of his life, played by Kelly Preston, is leaving him. Tickets to the Austin premiere include: The top-of-the-line $2,500 entry fee, which buys moviegoers a cocktail party and dinner with the celebrities, including the movie's producer, and of course, the screening at Bass Concert Hall. The $500 package, which includes the reception and screening. For either of those, call (512) 475-7581. And $50, $35 and $20 will buy the screening and a look at Costner, who'll be making a presentation to the audience.

September 1,1999...Newsweek: Interview: Kevin Costner Says Universal Hurt Upcoming 'for Love Of The Game' By Editing to Get PG-13 Rating; 'I'll Never Forgive or Forget What They've Done' Princess Diana Was Going to be Subject for a 'Bodyguard' Sequel; She was Serious About Looking at' The Project New York, Sept 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Hollywood star Kevin Costner believes Universal Pictures hurt his upcoming film "For Love of the Game" by cutting too much of it to get a PG-13 rating instead of an R. "(For Universal), this movie has always been about the length and the rating. It's never been about the content," Costner says in the interview in the current issue of Newsweek. "And you feel a studio would want to release the best version of the movie, not the one they think appeals to the biggest common denominator. Just because you open up the demographic doesn't mean they will come." The film is about a major league baseball pitcher who has just learned he's going to be traded after 20 years and that the woman he loves, played by Kelly Preston, wants to leave him. Costner waived an upfront, $20 million salary and felt the studio had a duty to trust his vision. He says Universal probably doesn't want to make movies with him, and "I certainly don't want to make movies with them." "I think 'Love of the Game' is a really good movie. It's as good a performance as I have in me. But I'll never forgive or forget what they've done." Costner tells Newsweek's West Coast Editor Mark Miller that he and Universal don't even talk to each other. "They don't want to talk to me . Maybe they think my considerations are just purely narcissistic. But the truth is these aren't even my lines or my scenes (that were cut)." He adds that a nude shower scene was cut and the studio wasn't willing to challenge the ratings board. "They said it wouldn't do any good ... The love of the movies, I believe, is waning (in Hollywood). And it's given over to commercial instincts," Costner says in the September 13 issue of Newsweek (on newsstands Monday, September 6). On another topic, Costner says a script for a sequel to "Bodyguard" is in the works and Princess Diana was going to be the client he'd protect. "Yeah, she was serious about looking at it. I think I could have talked her into it. I would have protected her." Throwing Heat It's great to see Costner back in the ballpark. The actor opens up about women and movies -- and talks bluntly about the struggle over For Love of the Game' In Sam Raimi's "for love of the Game," Kevin Costner plays Billy Chapel, a legendary Detroit Tiger about to go on the mound for the last game of the season -- and possibly the last game of his career. Chapel has just learned he's going to be traded after 20 years, and that the woman he loves (Kelly Preston) wants to leave him. It's a classic Costner role, showcasing his athleticism, his diffident heroism and his time-tested romantic appeal. Editing the movie, though, was a battle. Costner spoke to Newsweek's Mark Miller about the damage he believes Universal Pictures did by cutting scenes and bowing to the ratings board. The actor is especially frustrated because he waived an upfront, $20 million salary, and felt the studio had a duty to trust his vision. Excerpts: Miller: Why another baseball movie now? Costner: I liked the story. It wasn't about going back to something that had worked well in the past. I don't plan my career like that. I did "Field of Dreams" and "Bull Durham" back to back -- that wasn't what you would call an obvious career decision. Baseball is important to you. I learned how to behave on the playground. I learned about standing up to someone who doesn't play fair. Speaking of which, you're frustrated with the finished film and with Universal. Listen, I don't want to pout on a national level. I just feel like they hurt the movie. You're upset that the studio shortened the movie and dropped some adult dialogue so it'd be given a PG-13 rating instead of an R. Yes. (For Universal), this movie has always been about the length and the rating. It's never been about the content. And you feel a studio would want to release the best version of the movie, not the one they think appeals to the biggest common denominator. Just because you open up the demographic doesn't mean they will come. Did you tell Universal that you were going to speak your mind in interviews? Oh, the studio and I don't even talk. They don't want to talk to me ... Maybe they think my considerations are just purely narcissistic. But the truth is, these aren't even my lines or my scenes (that were cut). Well, there was the nude shower scene you did that got cut out as well. (Laughs) Well, that's hurting you. But Universal wasn't even willing to try [to fight the ratings board]. They said it wouldn't do any good ... The love of the movies, I believe, is waning (in Hollywood). And it's given over to commercial instincts. I think the crime is that executives are not training any young executives under them about what real courage is. Ten years from now, when the younger exec is in charge and they have a tough decision, they won't be able to say, "I remember how Arthur Krim behaved with 'Midnight Cowboy.' When they said it was an X, he said, 'Well, then it's an X!'" Isn't this the sort of fight that makes people in Hollywood say you're not a "team player?" I'm not a team player? I'll live with that, because I am always going to come down on the side of the movie and the people who pay eight bucks. You have this straight-arrow American image, and yet you're polarizing. There are people in the audience who don't like you. Do you notice that? No, I don't. But I accept what you say. You mean they don't like me in "Tin Cup," and they don't like me in "Bull Durham"? No, they liked you in those, I think. But they don't like me in "Waterworld" or "Perfect World"? I don't know how to change that or fix that. It's who you are. Yeah, I haven't made enough sequels. Maybe they'd get used to me. (Laughs) But so many of your contemporaries make sequels. Do you ever want to? No, I'd rather be polaring -- polarizing. (Laughs) You should print that, even though I didn't pronounce it correctly. Hollywood's attitude seems to be that the story's not important. But it is to me. And it's worth fighting for. It's worth protecting. I mean, I always feel like these scripts and these movies are almost like patients that are in comas. And there's no one to talk for them. There's no one to go, "Don't pull the plug on me!" I feel like sometimes I'm talking for the movie, you know? ... I actually know how to make a movie go faster, too. I just don't want to. I mean, I know how to cut scenes in half. I know how to cut down Kelly (Preston)'s lines. I know how to do it. But why? You said you don't have a plan. You're going to hate me for this, but "The Postman" felt like "Waterworld" on land. That's what it felt like to you. It didn't to me. I feel like it's a great modern fairy tale. I love it to this day. And I got incredibly passionate letters over that movie. I mean, I've had people come up, unsolicited, and really want to talk about it. So should we discount them? Is the measure of a movie in its box office? Clearly, it's not for me. Is there a script for a "Bodyguard" sequel? Well, we're working on one. It's pretty good, but I won't do it unless it's great. Who would be the client you protect? (Princess) Diana was going to be. Do you think she was serious about that? Yeah, she was serious about looking at it. I think I could have talked her into it. I would have protected her. Let's talk about the way you view women -- I think I bring women great roles in most of my movies. From Mary McDonnell and Sean Young in "No Way Out" to Susan Sarandon and Rene Russo. I hear women complain about how there aren't good roles, but not about my movies, generally. Do you think you understand women? I think I have an appreciation of women, and a desire to understand them. (Laughs) The fact that I don't makes me like every other guy in the world. I trust women, you know? I trust how -- when they feel protected -- how fiercely you get their loyalty. At dinner, all those women were sending notes to you. I was kind of amazed. (Dryly) It adds to my reading. Sometimes those notes are really surprising. Sometimes I'll open one and I'll think it'll be a bit of an offer. But it'll be, "My dad passed away, and the last movie he saw was your movie, and we saw it together. Thank you." And you just swallow. Or they'll point out some (little detail) that you fought for instead of being a "team player." Because that's what I believe people latch on to -- those unconventional things. They may not drive the plot forward, but they make you see yourself so honestly that you go boom. I swear to God, sometimes I feel like studios go through with a fine- tooth comb and take that stuff out. Do you think you'll get married again? I could get married again. Do you want to? Uh, I don't want to be divorced again. Given your value system, divorce must have felt like a terrible failure. Well, I've failed before, and failing, I think, is an underrated experience in America. People are so afraid of failing they don't want to even try. I never felt that way. Will you work with Universal again? They probably don't want to make movies with me, and I certainly don't want to make movies with them ... I think "Love of the Game" is a really good movie. It's as good a performance as I have in me. But I'll never forgive or forget what they've done. One thing you've captured in your movies is bullheaded male behavior. In "Tin Cup," you hit one shot over and over just to prove you can do it. Are you like that in real life? I don't really give up very easily. If I think my aim is true. I don't think Tin Cup thought he was hurting anybody. For everybody in the crowd, he was wrong, but for him, he wasn't. Even though he was going to lose, he was going to do it on his terms. And I do think I'm like that. I don't like to take other people down with me. But, for myself, I don't mind swinging for the fences.

August 23th, 1999Kevin's next movie, Thirteen Days...... will begin shooting on September 20. This is from the Hollywood Reporter's production listings: Thirteen Days (Drama) (Start Sept. 20) Shooting in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Florida; Cast: Kevin Costner, Bruce Greenwood; Prd., Armyan Bernstein; Dir., Roger Donaldson; Scr., David Self; U.S. Dstrb, New Line; Intl Dstrb, Beacon Communications

August 25, 1999Costner reveals celebrity pro-am........ Hollywood actor Kevin Costner, star of the golf film "Tin Cup", has assembled a star-studded line-up of celebrities for the Monte Carlo pro-am tournament he has helped to get off the ground on September 9-11. The 54-hole Zepter Invitational featuring 44 European Seniors Tour players will include Sylvester Stallone, Roger Moore, Robert Wagner, Richard Branson, Boris Becker, ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, singer Michael Bolton, model Carol Alt and skiers Alberto Tomba and Ingemar Stenmark. Costner, who will also be playing, is acting as co-chairman with Crown Prince Albert of Monaco. Gary Player, Bernard Gallacher and Tommy Horton are among the golfers, and a charity auction during the event will include such prizes as a tennis match against Prince Albert, an afternoon water-skiing with Tomba and a day on the set of Costner's latest film production. Costner has played with Tiger Woods in the Pebble Beach Pro-am, part of the US Tour, and is a 14-handicapper. The film "Tin Cup" was all about a club professional's Jean Van de Velde-style near-miss at the US Open when he dumped shot after shot into a lake in front of the final green.

August 12th, 1999..... MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE now availble on video (PG-13, 1999, 132 minutes, Warner Brothers) Kevin Costner and Robin Wright Penn star in this zestless, "Sleepless in North Carolina" romance, in which both maneuver closer and closer to harmonic convergence while -- apparently -- the audience waits with delicious, tearful expectations in the dark. Costner plays an archetypal version of himself, as Garret Blake, a lonely, bereaved soul who builds sailboats and writes mournful letters to departed Catherine. Penn, whose deft performance is more than the movie deserves, is Theresa Osborne, a single mother and researcher, who picks up one of his Catherine letters in a bottle, then tries to find the mystery author. Paul Newman has his moments as Costner's wisecracking father. But screenwriter Gerald DiPego's long-winded adaptation doesn't evoke the book so much as prolong the agony. Contains sexual situations, mild curses and a fistfight.

July 12th, 1999...NY POST....... Are Kevin Costner and his ex-wife, Cindy, eying a reconciliation? The actor admitted in a recent interview, "I haven't found a love to compare with the love I felt for Cindy." Friends say the mother of his kids, Annie, Lily and Joe, is a regular visitor to his Hollywood Hills spread. But one good pal insists, "They get together for the kids. It's really just a friendship now. You can't go back." Costner was in New York this week to shoot some additional footage for "For the Love of the Game." He and daughter Annie are due in Boston today for All-Star Game festivities. After swatting some balls with Matt Damon in the Celebrity Hitting Challenge, he'll screen his latest baseball flick for Hall of Famers, as well as introducing them Tuesday at Fenway Park.
Costner is also planning on stopping by the Kennedy Library to do some research for his next film, "13 Days," about the Cuban missile crisis. He plays an aide to JFK.

he FLotG trailer's FINALLY on the Internet. There are several different resolutions available off the Dark Horizons or Loews pages. The Trailer For Love of The Game

June 28th, 1999....Major League All-Star Sunday festivities at Fenway Park in Boston on July 11. This SOLD OUT event includes the ALL-STAR CELEBRITY HITTING CHALLENGE, featuring Academy Award winners Kevin Costner (and a bunch of other people). THE Days SCHEDULE: 10:00 am, USA All-Star Futures team batting practice; 11:10 a.m., World All-Star Futures team batting practice; 12:20 p.m., All-Star Celebrity Hitting Challenge batting practice; 1 p.m., the All-Star Celebrity Hitting Challenge...

June 15th, 1999....A Diary from a Extra working on the film For Love of The Game

May 24th, 1999....Kevin Costner smitten with ex-wife Cindy..... Is hunky film star Kevin Costner trying to woo back his ex-wife Cindy? As the photo shows, the pair have been acting supper cosy lately, even sharing a kiss at their son Joe's baseball game in Pasadena, California. Despite giving him the flick five years ago, it seems Cindy is lovin the attention from her former hubby! The message in a Bottle star-who after their divorce referred to his ex wife as the love of his life - treated Cindy to a shoulder rub and a hug as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear. Cindy reponded by playfully squiting him with a water bottle as he videotaped her smiling face. Looking like a Happy couple, the proud parents cheered on young Joe who even slipped to the sidelines for some helpful tips from dad. Could this be the beginning- again of something wonderful?

April 5th, 1999....Kevin Costner, star of such baseball flicks as Bull Durham and Field of Dreams, showed off his athletic prowess at an Anaheim Angels exhibition game Sunday. While playing shortstop for his alma mater Cal State Fullerton, the Associated Press says Costner dropped a ball in the sixth inning. This led to an Angels' victory over Cal State, 2-1. However, no one holds that against him (wish the same could be said for The Postman debacle). Says Angels pitcher Chuck Finley, "[Costner] actually handled himself pretty well out there. You can tell he's a good athlete. He made a couple plays that impressed me …"

March 21st, 1999...Kevin Costner made it a family affair, too, with 14-year-old daughter Anne his date for the night.

Anne and Kevin

Costner, presenting the best-director award, said he knew what was on the line for the nominees. "I know how hard it is. Nobody wants to lose." Costner planned to keep Anne (who has stunning green eyes) with him till the wee hours for all the Oscar partying. "I'm taking her everywhere. She ain't going to school tomorrow!">>

March 20th, 1999... The Michael Douglas and Friends, presented by Mazda, charity-golf event takes place this Saturday, March 20, at the breathtaking new Ocean Trails Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. The star-studded field is gathering during the industry's most important weekend to generate awareness and necessary funding for The Motion Picture and Television Fund, an organization that serves as a safety net for those in the industry who have fallen on hard times. Presenting sponsor Mazda will also donate a Mazda MPV mini-van to the MP&TF's retirement community. he event will be broadcast on ABC, April 11 from 2-4 p.m. ET/3-5 p.m. PT. A "who's who" lineup of Hollywood stars including Michael Douglas, Will Smith, Kevin Costner, Jack Nicholson, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Andy Garcia, Joe Pesci, Chris O'Donnell and James Garner.

March 11, 1999... According to Entertainment Tonight Mr. Costner home is in "Style" magazine. They talk about where stars keep there Oscars. Apparently Kevin had kept his two Oscar's from 'Dances with Wolves' in his underwear draw for 3 years. (Gee that sounds like something I would do.) Now he keeps them in a special display in his screening room.

March 5th, 1999 Kevin Costner in planning on attending the Oscars with his 15 year old daughter Anne.

February 24, 1999... According to Entertainment Tonight Mr. Costner is going to be a "Presenter" at the Oscars March 21st 1999....

February 16, 1999.... Message In A Bottle Box Office Hit!!!!.... Message RANKED #1 at the Box Office this last weekend it took in 19.1 Million Dollars!...

February 11, 1999 ....Saw the sneak preview of Message in a Bottle..two weeks ago... The cast is excellent, a great script, beautiful, beautiful, cinematography, excellent soundtrack... Paul Newman has a small role and is awesome! It's worth going just to see the interaction between Paul & Kevin... It would not surprise me if Paul gets nominated for best supporting actor. Very romantic film, and it had the whole audience in tears when the lights came up, men and women... Like Spencer Tracey, Kevin is one of the ultimate actors. His style is natural. Kevin is so natural, you feel like he's right next to you.....not just stuck up on the screen....Another reason I got to go see the movie again....Definately a role we have been all waiting to see him in.....I'm going to have to see this one again......I also look forward to his film coming out this summer "For Love of The Game". I just started reading the book...

February 8th, 1999.... According to the Denver Post...Actor takes failure with grain of salt...Kevin Costner thinks you can't have hits without a few misses. "I wish I had a life that was mistake free, but if you take a big bite out of life, it generally is going to take a a big bite out of you," Costner says in the March issue of Redbook. "I am a risk taker, I am evolving, and I experiment with my life." Costner, starring in the upcoming film "Message in a Bottle", isn't daunted by critical flops like " Waterworld" or Postman" because his successes include the Academy Award Winning "Dances with Wolves". Failure doesn't kill you," said Costner. "It increases your desire to make something happen."

February 7th, 1999 ... According to a ET interview Kevin is going to be on the Cover of Redbook the issue comes out Tuesday, Feb 9th 1999..

January 12th, 1999.... According to the Denver Post...IT" A WRAP: Kevin Costner finished filming scenes in Aspen Friday for his upcoming movie flick "For Love Of The Game". Dozens of extras and a Hollywood crew of 100 filmed in Snowmass, Rudei Reservoir and Costner's house east of town. According to the Aspen Times, the scenes at Costners home included "romance and recreation," which shouldn't have been too much of a stretch for the man who Dances with Foxes.... I would of love to play an extra.

January 7th, 1998....This is good news....Kevin Costner's problematic movie project about the Cuban Missile Crisis has found a new studio home, a month after it was shot down at troubled Universal, reports Variety. Sony Pictures is close to setting a deal to do the movie, which is set to start shooting in March. Costner will play Kenny O'Donnell, an adviser in the Kennedy White House during the crisis. Phil Alden Robinson, who directed Costner in "Field of Dreams," will direct this one, too. Universal's decision to drop the picture was a surprise, both because of the star caliber behind the film and because Universal sources said the studio dropped the film because it was worried about a $90 million price tag on a period piece with a star who hasn't had a big hit in a while.

December 24, 1998......This scooper sent us some shooting location news For Love of the Game: "Sam Raimi is exploring 'the dark side of a failed relationship' i.e., the suffering involved. While his subject is pitching a perfect game, it will be very interesting to see the result. Also, there will be some filming in Aspen, Colorado, toward the end of January, 1999, and into February. Then back to L.A."

December 22th, 1998.....According to Mr. Showbiz ....Stop the presses. James Cameron is not only revving up for Terminator 3 (as reported in Michael Fleming's column in Daily Variety)—he's also off Planet of the Apes. Talk about excitement. My hands are so jittery I can barely type this out. Jimbo was the latest director (following Oliver Stone, Phillip Noyce, Chris Columbus, etc.) to take a whack at this 20th Century Fox project, which has been churning away since 1993 (with everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Kevin Costner attached to star) and is starting to look like one of those hard-luck, won't-happen franchises (Superman, Spider Man, et al.)

December 21, 1998...Colbert, Costner win Lexus Challenge.....LA QUINTA, Calif. (AP) -- Jim Colbert and actor Kevin Costner fired a closing-round, 10-under-par 62 on Saturday to win the Lexus Challenge by a shot over the fast-closing team of Hubert Green and Matt Lauer. The money won will be donated to Children's Charities for abused Children. Colbert and Costner, the latter twice a second-place finisher in this pro-celebrity tournament, combined to shoot a 36-hole score of 24-under-par 120. Green and Lauer, a host on ``Today,'' shot a tournament-record 56 on Saturday, a round that featured 12 birdies and two eagles without a bogey. They broke the day-old record of 58 established by Colbert and Costner. ``I learned yesterday that I can play better when I focus,'' Costner said. ``I really wanted to win this tournament. I was sure hoping I wasn't going to come in second again.'' Costner learned to play golf in 1995 for the film ``Tin Cup,'' in which he played a golf pro. ``I'll tell you it's a great relief when Jim made a birdie or a par,'' Costner added. ``So when Jim started to make some birdies it really took the pressure of my shoulders.''

December 18, 1998....Costner Movie Shelved The hard times at Universal have led the studio to make some hard choices, and Variety's Dish column says the town is buzzing about Universal's decision not to go forward with "13 Days," the Cuban missile crisis drama to have starred Kevin Costner. "13 Days" tells the story of the pivotal events surrounding the crisis from the standpoint of Kenneth O'Donnell, who was President Kennedy's chief of staff. (It's described as a mix of "A Few Good Men" with the technology of "Apollo 13.") This is the second high-profile picture halted since the recent shakeup in the Universal executive suites, following the grounding of "Leatherheads," the gridiron film with Steven Soderbergh directing and George Clooney starring.

December 3rd, 1998...according to the NY Post Gossip ..COSTNER HOMERS WITH BLONDE BEAUTY.....Rumors has it the Kevin is dating ID Model.. .STOP.... Lynn's VIEW.... Fact or Fiction....Lets go to our Webster Dictionary.... Definition of Gossip: a person who chatters or repeats idle talk or rumors about another.... Definition of Rumor: General talk NOT based on DEFINATE KNOWLEDGE; a Unconfirmed Report; Hearsay....Since this article came from a GOSSIP column it sounds more likely TO BE MERE GOSSIP then the truth and just another ploy for media to trash Mr. Costner. I personally feel his intimate life is personal & nobody business but his own. Sorry guys but sombody had to do it. The Gossip stops here..... My ATTEMPT for this site is to Share Current News that is the truth the whole truth & nothing but the truth (as George Washington would say "So Help Me God")......

November 23rd, 1998....Whats this another postive review about his current movie "For Love of the Game" before it's even out?... IN THE TRENCHES: Adolescent jock loves sport; loves woman too. Can he make both relationships work? Which, finally, is more important? This basic formula has worked beautifully for Kevin Costner when he does his sports movies—Bull Durham, Tin Cup and now For The Love of the Game, which is now wrapping principal photography and will arrive on screens next summer. The script by Dana Stevens is very, very satisfying. Costner plays Billy Chapel, a much-respected pitcher for the last-place Detroit Tigers who has just learned that (a) his girlfriend Karen (Kelly Preston) is moving to London and (b) he's about to be traded due to the new owner's preference for younger players. The movie takes place over the course of a single game in which Billy is pitching against the New York Yankees. During the game Billy reviews the major issues of his life in flashbacks (his relationship with Karen, growing older, etc.) while building toward pitching a perfect game. I can easily envision Costner giving one of the best performances of his career here. For The Love of the Game works because it's more than a sports movie. It reads like a winner because the writing has delicacy and insight, and delivers stuff that will appeal to both men and women equally. I don't know what Sam Raimi (A Simple Plan) is doing directing this thing—it doesn't seem to be up his alley—but I'm sure it'll turn out fine if he just points the camera in the right direction and makes sure everything is in focus. The script is that good.

November 18,1998...From My friend Linda again.... Just read in Rush and Molloy's column in the New York Daily News that Kevin was at Whitney Houston's performance Wednesday night (Nov. 18) at the Cipriani Hotel on Wall Street.

November 16th, 1998....A positive review on "Message in a Bottle"....November 16, 1998... A positive advance word on the film will perk up the hopes for all fans of Kevin Costner, right?.... Today our ship has come in. "Caught a screening of the first cut of Message in a Bottle here in Thousand Oaks the other night... The cast is excellent, a great script, beautiful cinematography, and a great ending, which will probably be changed, knowing the hollywood machine... Paul Newman has a small role but is great. Illeana Douglas is also great in a small role. Very romantic film, and it had the whole audience in tears when the lights came up, men and women... More later..." [Reviewed by anonymous.]

November 4th, 1998... My friend Linda ... found out that over the weekend Kevin was at a Halloween party at Moomba in New York City, dressed as a ghoul and chatting up a very pretty blond. His former director, Oliver Stone, was at that party also.

October 31, 1998... Scoops on his new movie.....Some interesting news concerning the shooting practices of the film has rolled into our studio. "They are using some new filming technology for this film, necessitating some pre-shoot filming on the part of the cinematography team, the DP and the Director. The actual shoot has begun now, or will begin very soon in NYC. In mid to late November the shoot will be moving to L.A. - probably due to climactic considerations."

"Must be doing some flashback scenes on the campus of C.W.Post, in Brookville, Long Island, because my daughter called me on Sat. the 24th of October to tell me that she had shaken hands with Costner that morning." [The guy with the lucky daughter is 'jfriedel'.]

A report from USA Today said Costner is playing a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. His character wants to pitch a perfect game against the New York Yankees.

October 28th,1998...Kevin Costner, Roger Clemens, Matt Lauer, Matthew McConaughey and Joe Pesci are among the celebrities who have agreed to play in the 1998 Lexus Challenge in La Quinta CA from Dec. 16-19. The tournament -- which will raise money to benefit abused and neglected children -- will also feature celebrity appearances by Ken Griffey Jr. and Glenn Frey. Twelve top players from the PGA Senior Tour will also tee off, including Jim Colbert, Hubert Green, Hale Irwin and tourney host Raymond Floyd.

October 26th, 1998....BIG APPLE BACKDROP: Kevin Costner and Kelly Preston used Central Park as a setting for their latest, a baseball flick called For Love of the Game.


October 17th, 1998...Costner eyes Cuban crisis film HOLLYWOOD -- Kevin Costner is in talks to reunite with his Field Of Dreams director Phil Alden Robinson in 13 Days, a fact-based drama set during the Cuban missile crisis, Variety says. Based largely on the life story of Kenneth O'Donnell, president John F. Kennedy's chief of staff, the Universal project tells the true story of the two-week showdown between the Kennedy Administration and the Soviets in 1962. The role to be played by Costner is still being defined, but he will not play Kennedy, sources said. David Self is writing the script. Production is expected to begin in March, not long after Costner completes work on his latest baseball film, For The Love Of The Game, which is currently in production.

October 5, 1998.....The Hollywood trades report that Kelly Preston, whose burgeoning acting career is all too often overshadowed by her role as Mrs. John Travolta, has signed on to play Kevin Costner's lover in the Sam Raimi-directed For Love of the Game, which is based on the novel of the same name by Michael Shaara. The film represents Costner's third trip to the cinematic baseball diamond, a milieu in which he previously fielded the hits Bull Durham and Field of Dreams. This time out, our hero is a washed-up pitcher who gets introspective in the midst of throwing a perfect game and recalls the mistakes he's made in his life and career.

September 24, 1998... Kevin Costner has pulled his roots from Hollywood and is now living full time up in his ranch in Aspen, Colorado. (Smart Man)

September 20, 1998...Kevin Costner is hoping that Annette Bening will join his team. The actress has reportedly been offered the female lead in For Love of the Game, which heads into production in just a few weeks. Costner plays a pitcher in the baseball pic, his third diamond-based drama after Bull Durham and Field of Dreams.

September 16, 1998...Right now the production is scouting New Jersey parks that have a baseball diamond -- probably for the flashback scenes of Costner's character's childhood. ("For Love of the Game")

September 15, 1998...A short clip of "Message on the Bottle" aired last night on Enertainment Tonight. They showed Kevin passing out desert to Paul Newman & Robin Wright Penn on the porch of the beach house. Kevin plays a widowed shipbuilder weathering rough seas with Robin Wright Penn. Paul Newman plays his father. I must say I was shocked at how young Kevin looked. In the clip they aired Kevin looks as good if not BETTER then when he played in the Bodyguard. We will all be able to see Kevin steam up the big screen in "Message in a Bottle" when it hit theaters February 12th, 1999 just in time for Valentines Day.

September 11, 1998..Who Should play Lindbergh? Brad Pitt would be perfect as Charles Lindberg, the trans Atlantic aviation hero. That's according to A. Scott Berg, author of a new Lindberg bio. Steven Spielberg bought the movie rights to the book before it was even finished, and will start filming next year. Berg says Kevin Costner and Clint Eastwood would be good as Lindberg in his later years. Source USA Weekend Sept. 11,1998.

September 1, 1998... We're scooped that Kevin Costner is having a little bit of hard time getting a female lead for his new baseball movie "For Love of the Game". According to our scooper, the female lead is a fashion photographer who falls for Kevin's character. Producers had originally approached Helen Hunt for the role, but she turned it down. They're now hoping that Natasha Richardson will give in and play Kevin's love interest.....Hey nobody called me!

July 7, 1998 ...According to The Portland Herald News: DEPARTING `MESSAGE' CREW LEAVES BOTTLES FOR CHARITY Byline: Associated Press The crew from ``Message in a Bottle'' will be leaving soon. But it is leaving behind a few souvenirs. Three bottles used in the movie starring Kevin Costner have been donated to Chocolate Church Arts Center, the American Red Cross and the Bath YMCA for use in charity fund-raisers.

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